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"Xu Long" brand founded by Xu Long Company in the 1980s, after more than 30 years of tempering, laid the leading position of national brand in the industry. The jurisdiction of Zhejiang Xu Long Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters) and Hefei Asahi Lung Machinery Co., Ltd. (Division of powder). And in this solemn promise to you:

Early communication:
All-weather telephone inquiries, a full range of answers to your questions.
Professional engineering services team to assist you on-site mapping, engineering design, design and provide the appearance of plans.

Sales cooperation:
Full contact throughout the timely notification of production progress and delivery.
Timely adjust product design and manufacturing programs to meet your engineering needs.

After-sales service:
Help on-site installation and commissioning.
Provide technical support and guidance.

Quality Three Guarantees:
During the warranty period, strictly implement the "Three Guarantees" (repair, replacement, return).
After the warranty, continue to provide you with on-site maintenance services.

Where the quality of the reasons for the company, received a notice within 4 hours a clear reply, when necessary, arrived at the scene within 24 hours of free maintenance.
Non-the reasons for the quality of the company, received a notice within 4 hours to determine the maintenance program, when needed, arrived at the scene within 24 hours of paid maintenance.

Quality Insurance:
All products we provide are underwritten by China People's Insurance Company.

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