X-IL antifreeze valve type

Product Name:X-IL antifreeze valve type
Product Description:
Antifreeze safety spray eyewash suitable for use at ambient temperature around 0 ℃.
Design temperature: -5 ~ 65 ℃
Medium temperature: 15 ~ 35 ℃ (provided by the customer site)
Inlet size: Rc 1-1 / 4 '' (can be configured according to customer needs)
Outlet size: Rc 1-1 / 4 '' (can be configured according to customer needs)
Antifreeze valve: automatically sense the water temperature, the water temperature begins to drain below 4 ℃, the water temperature is below 1 ℃ when the valve is fully open; when the water temperature is higher than 4 ℃, the valve closed to stop drainage.
Signage: Fluorescent signage for quick access to the equipment at night.
Spray operation: by the lever operation, the valve once opened for non-human reasons will not be closed.
Eye wash nozzle: stainless steel soft water flow, anti-punching nozzle, automatic flow control valve is set to ensure that the water is soft, hold.
Eyewash operation: The basin, lid linkage structure; when you open the wash basin, wash the nozzle automatically sprinkler, close the lid automatically close the valve, the use of very convenient.
Filter: In the eyewash inlet with filters to ensure clean water.
Signal feedback: Each spray eyewash can be configured on-site sound and light alarm and remote control alarm.
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