X-II self-drained type

Product Name:X-II self-drained type
Product Description:
Special design of the three-way valve as the water valve, by the pendulum from the "walk-in" pedal control into the drainage, easy to operate.
Design temperature: -5 ~ 65 ℃
Medium temperature: 15 ~ 35 ℃ (provided by the customer site)
Inlet size: Rc1-1 / 4 '' (can be configured according to customer needs)
Outlet size: Rc1 ''
Signage: Fluorescent signage for quick access to the equipment at night.
Spray operation: When the operator enters the pedal, the main water inlet valve automatically opens and pulls down the spray ball valve rod for spraying operation; the push rod closes the spray ball valve, and the operator leaves the pedal to automatically drain the water in the pipe.
Eye wash nozzle: stainless steel soft water flow, anti-punching nozzle, automatic flow control valve is set to ensure that the water is soft, hold.
Eyewash operation: the basin, cover linkage structure; operator into the pedal when the water inlet valve automatically opens, when the wash basin, wash the nozzle automatically sprinkler, close the lid automatically close the valve, the operator left the pedal, automatic row Empty pipe water.
Filter: In the eyewash inlet with filters to ensure clean water.
Signal feedback: Each spray eyewash can be configured on-site sound and light alarm and remote control alarm.

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